List of Thesis M.A. Final 2009-10

List of Thesis M.A. Final 2009-10

  1. Students Name
    Ammara Jawed
    Parents Professional partnership in Education and training of Mentally Retarded Children Home
    Amreen Ali
    Level of independent functioning skills in PND’s
    Anam Jasmeen
    Perception of parents regarding daily services or skills Management available for child develop
    Anam Rizwan
    Need of Special services for the physically challenging persons in the society their possibilities and provision
    Asifa Jabeen
    Factors Associated with parental stress among the parents of children with disability
    Asma Saleem Shah
    Teachers Perception About Needs, Problems and Legislation for the Re-habilitation of Person’s With Disability in Karachi
    Bushra Zahid

    The Expectation of Mothers Related To Normal and Disabled Children Role And Responsibility In House Hold Activities
    Bushra Kanwal
    Coping Strategies Adapted by Mother of Children With Disabilities
    Bushra Anis
    Prevalence of emotional disturbance and behavior problems in children with disability
    Bushra Naseem
    The Role of Community in the Development and teaching of special need children
    Fizza Adil
    Impact of Computer Education in job placement of Visually Impaired person
    Farhana Khan
    Role of Print Media in Enlightening the Issues Related) to Special Perception
    Faiza Aziz
    Role of parents in developing self help skills in Autism children
    Farheen Ayub
    Factors Influencing parents willingness in selection Educational Institute for Special children
    Farah Mehmood
    Perception and Attitude of supervisor about the teaching practice of Special Education at Master level.
    Role of Electronic Media in creating Awareness about person with Disability  
    Hafsa Iftikhar
    The Influence Of Religion On Parents’ Perception About Disability
    Hina Imam
    Identification of Mobility problems faced by Visually Impaired Females in our society   
    Hafiza Mehreen
    Use Of Information Technology In Special Education And Rehabilitation Of Hearing Impaired And Visually Impaired Children In Karachi
    Hina Ghazal
    A study of Special education needs of special students studying in University of Karachi
    Khadeja Jamshed
    Educational Provisions for Gifted children 
    Lubna Iqbal
    Of Art and play therapy centres for Mental Retarded Children.
    Lama Mumtaz
    Role of Universities In Catering Special Educational Needs of Visually Impaired And Physically Handicapped Persons
    Mussarat Rasheed
    Awareness Of Associated Problems
    With Disability Among Health Professionals
    Marium Naeem
    Identification of Speech Language problem and its Remediation in children with Mentally Retardation  
    Maliha Naz
    A Survey of Education Provision for Mentally Retarded and Children at Special School
    Mah-e-Naz Imam
    Use of Computer Software for training of Students with Special Needs in Special Schools of Karachi 
    Musarat Abdul Rasheed
    A Survey for Guidance and Counseling Facilities for Parents of Disabled Children in Karachi
    Marina Nisar
    A Comparison of the teaching Strategies for Hearing Impaired Children Applied in IDA Rieu and ABSA School in Karachi.    
    Night Naeem Ahmed
    Interaction of parents and professional in treatment of Speech Delay in Hearing Impaired Children

    Nazia Hina
    An Evaluative Study Of Legislation Of Special Education In Pakistan Against The Legislation Of U.S.A, Japan And India
    Nadia Sami
    A Survey of Curriculum used for teaching of Mentally Retarded Children School of Karachi
    Naveera Fatima
    Educational problem of Hearing Impaired Children
    Nasreen Fatima
    Problem and prospectus of early Intervention sciences for children will Disability in Karachi
    Omaima Hassan
    Teachers & Technical Material for M.R Survey of Special School for M.R.
    Speech Problem’s and Remediation of
    Hearing Impaired Children In H.I Schools

    Sadia Iftikhar
    Provision of Recreational Activities for Special Children in Special Schools of Karachi
    Syeda Riffat Zehra
    Survey of Rehabilitation for Special person Karachi
    Sadaf Ambreen
    Parents Perception About Needs, Problem and Legislation for the Rehabilitation of Person with Disabilities in Karachi
    Seema Khan
    Role and responsibilities of Minister of Special Education in Establishment of Special Education in Pakistan
     Sadia Begum
    The need of parents professional partnership in training of learning disabled children A perception Study of parents and teachers 
    Saba Naqi
    Print Media Policy in Developing Awareness of Disabilities in the Masses
    Sabika Batool
    Disabled Person’s Perception About Needs, Problem, Legislation For Rehabilitation Person With Disability In Karachi
    Relationship b/w malnutrition & growth rater
    Sumira Jabeen
    Role of mothers in the Development Mentally Retarded children Studding in the Special Schools Karachi  
    Sobia Anwar
    Need and Utilization of Computer Based learning in Special Center for HIC
    Sana Haneef
    Identification of behavior Characteristics is of autistic children through (PDDS)  
    Samreen Iqbal
    Awareness of Electronic Media Personnel about Special Persons
    Sabahat Zahoor
    A Survey of Rehabilitation Centres Special Schools and Hospital
    Saba Naz
    Mutsra samat bacho ki tadress may kheeloo kay tareekay ki Ahmeeat
    Sidra Amin
    Trainer/Therapists Perception About Needs, Problems and Legislation for the Rehabilitation of the Persons with Disability in Karachi City
    Sarah Shamim Azmi

    A Survey of Community Based Projects Working For Rehabilitation of HIV (Aids): Prevention and Services
    Saba Anwar
    Teaching of Mathematics Hearing Impaired School
    Sajida Bano
    Principal Perception About Needs, Problems and Legislation for the Rehabilitation of Person with Disability in Karachi City
    Sadia Naz
    Teachers Perception About Needs, Problems and Legislation for the Re-habilitation of Person’s With Disability in Karachi
    Syeda Fakiha Naqvi
    The Use of Communication Devices in Teaching for hearing Impaired children
    Zunaira Alam
    Developing Awareness of Inclusive Education among the parents of normal children

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