Disable students problems in Pakistan

Disable persons are unable to get all or least facilities in Pakistan
Lahore, Jan 20: Problems Of Disable Persons 

There are many problems which are being faced by physically disable persons such as blind deaf and there is some defect with leg hand etc.I am personally physically disable person from left leg and  experiencing these problems. So I am in a better position to point out problems and suggest some remedies so that these persons can be facilitated to spent life a useful and respectable Pakistani.
1-In Pakistan a disable person is unable to get all the facilities which Pakistani law provides until he has a certified proof of disability. Bad luck is that in our country a person who is right has to face difficulties to prove that he is right. In Pakistan this certificate is being provided by the district assessment board in every district head quarter hospital.
The procedure is too difficult and teasing that a disable person without approach cannot get this certificate. No person has proper information. Like all other sectors here is also lack of responsibility and regularity in officers. A disable person cannot submit registration form until surgeon approves. The surgeon like all other officers is also irregular. A disable person has to visit for several months to find surgeon and start the registration process. In my opinion a disable person thinks that his birth is a great mistake in this world. If a person pays bribery if  although he is partially disable or not disable can get certificate easily. social officers who are appointed are very responsible and regular but they have no authority. According to my opinion the social officer and surgeon should be linked. The surgeon and the social officer should sit on the same place so that surgeons can be made regular as well as efficiency of registration process can be improved . 

2-In Pakistan like all other useable goods supporting equipments for disable persons such as sticks ,wheel chairs, listening instruments for deaf persons are very costly. They are not affordable by any common person .It means that we are pushing back the disable persons in race of life. The government provides subsidy in all sectors but till now government has not taken any measures to provide these instruments to disable persons at concessional prices. I request the government to take some measures to provide necessary equipments to disable persons at concessional rates. 

3-In our country at all educational levels 2% quota is reserved for physically disable students who provide district assessment board registration certificate of disability. For a student it is very difficult to get that certificate due to following reasons.
(a)Lack of proper information
(b)complicated system of registration
(c)Lack of responsibility among registration staff So the student has to wait for years for the registration certificate.
According to my opinion 2% quota is very less and not according to requirements so all disable students should be provided admission except those which are below a minimum level of merit. For this purpose  seats can be increased according to requirement. The merit should also separate and low then the normal persons.
At university level all universities should establish their own disciplinary boards who should be assigned the duty of assessment of disability in disable persons for admission in those students who have no district assessment board registration certificate so that they can be facilitated and they can continue their education. Will it not be beneficial to make useful persons rather than beggars. If these persons are in a position to get education and they are successful in getting education than rehabilitation process will not be required.

4-Like all other sectors the education sector has also been commercialized. To get education for a disable person is only a dream. So a legal provision should be made that all  the disable persons who get admission in all universities should be provided education free of cost in such a way that these persons did not consider themselves low among other students. 

5-In all Government educational institutions hostel facility is availablable.Provision should be made that all disable persons who come from other cities and are not in a positions to go home daily should be provided hostel facility without considering that their admission is in morning , afternoon or evening session. I have personally observed   that in Punjab university, university authorities refused to provide me hostel that my admission is not in morning session .I am mentioning that I belong to Tehsil sammundari  District Faisalabad(196 G.B. Muridwala) and there is no relative in Lahore and I am only here for study purpose. 

6-Most of the educational institutions and business offices are multiple storey buildings. In most of these buildings there are no lifts installed. So disable persons face a lot of difficulties to go on other floors. So it should be made compulsory to install lifts  in all multiple storey buildings so that disable students as well as employees can be facilitated. If in any educational institution it is not possible to install lifts all disable students should be facilitated and accommodated on ground floors. 

7-In Pakistan for jobs 2 % seats are reserved for disable persons which means that they can get one job in an organization where 50 persons are working which is not good situation. In Pakistan most of the organizations are small so disable person after getting education are also not in a position to get a job And spend life as a respectable citizen. According to my opinion the quota should be in creased to 5% so that disable person can get job in an organization where 20 employees are working. 

8-For that time the problems cannot be solved until real representatives are not present at every stage. It is amazing that at the legislation stage in senate and national and provincial assemblies there are no seats reserved for disable persons than how their problems can be solved. According to my opinion some seats should be reserved in all these institutions  so that real representation of a large portion of community can be made. 

9-In federal public public service commission exam (css) no seats are reserved for disable persons despite the fact that they have proved their capabilities in recent years by competing the other students in these exams.so proper quota should be reserved for disable persons in c.s.s. so that they can also impart their role  in society.

10-I want to point out a mismanagement problem in Punjab university. In Punjab university lifts are installed in the wahdat road examination halls and in some departments also but they are not being operated. If a disable person want to go on second floor for examination and to attend class he has to face a lot of difficulty. . Any higher authority has not considered this issue. I request you to take notice because this is a very simple issue and can be resolved easily.
11-For those persons e.g. deaf &blind  who cannot get education in educational instutions for normal persons special institutions should be established at union council level throughout Pakistan.

12-If a disable person starts a small business like shop etc many Govt.officials like market committees  WAPDA disturbs that person prior to this that what is his income. Legal protection should be given so that these persons can earn their livelihood in a respectable way. 

13-In all educational institutions and other public places all the facilities suitable for special persons such as washroom etc.provided so that disable persons can feel satisfaction on these places performing routine activities. 

14-In all public libraries and educational institutions libraries disable persons should be facilitated so that they can benefit from these libraries. The library staff should be trained to cooperate with special persons during library visits. If attention should be given to above highlighted problems and proper legislation should be made and its effective implementation should be made than we can make disable persons useful citizen. These persons can impart properly in progress of the country and lot of money which we spend on life time rehabilitation can be saved.

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